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Having a dedicated creative space is so important in getting those creative vibes going. You want to create an atmosphere that inspires dreaming and imagination. Also you want a space where you won't be constantly distracted.

In my Cre@tive Workshop I can record music and video, draw designs and build my characters. It's where all the magic happens!


Having space to work on my puppets is really important. You can see by this picture that I certainly use up all my desk space!

Here I was working on my character Buzz. I don't always use a sketch to design my characters like I did here. I often see an image in my mind and then create my character intuitively. 


Here is another character being built - Lucky the cat!

Creating puppets is just as much fun as performing them.

I never had any formal puppet training. I learnt by watching hours and upon hours of Jim Henson shows.

Over the years I simply experimented with design techniques and I'm still learning to this day!



Thanks to the internet there are so many useful and quality tutorials out there which I will share. No point in me duplicating content when it already exists.

I've included some of my favourite puppet tutorials for you.


Adam Kreitinger is one of my favourite puppet builders. He is practical, easy to understand and his passion for puppet building is inspiring. Be sure to check out his website - it's full of great resources!

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