want to know what we've done?

The Doogles have performed over 30 major puppet productions many of which where written by Michael Jazbec aimed specifically to suit the Doogles.

Each performance showcases a range of Doogle characters including Flupe, Buzz, Sam, Calamity, Rambo, Snort, Helga, Parky Penguin, Lolly and so many more.

We have also made guest appearances for special events such as school fetes, project launches, themed events and more. You will see from the table below we've done quite a few things over the years and continue to enjoy performing.


1998 - Juppet Puppet Storytimes & Christmas with Mokley
1999 - The three little pigs go west & Christmas with Mowesha
2000 - Boomer saves Christmas
2001 - Classic Doogle Fairytales: Cinderella & Christmas in Lollyworld
2002 - Classic Doogle Fairytales: Cinderella, Classic Doogle Fairytales: The Frog Prince, The three little mice, Lollywood, The Doogle Variety Hour & A Christmas with Lolly.
2004 - The Doogles Variety Show & A Very Merry Doogle Christmas Storytime Show
2005 - The three little mice & Christmas Sing-A-Long with Parky Penguin and Friends
2006 - GG's Holiday Capers, Oak Flats Library Celebrates 30 Years, Oak Flats Public School Celebrating Children's Book Week, Sam the dog & stories & The Doogles Celebrate 15 Years.
2007 - Beach Party with Cheeky, Sleepover @ your library, Let's be Happy Happy Puppet Show & Carrie's First Christmas.
2008 - Kidsfest: Let's be Happy Happy Puppet Show, Soiree @ your library and Festival in the Forest 'Doogles Puppet Show'.
2009 - Grandparents Picnic Day and Calamity Saves Christmas
2010 - Doogles dance party, Shellharbour City Libraries Branding launch, It's never easy being cheesy puppet show (2 shows)
2011 - Shine on Forever - 20th Anniversary Show & Shine on Forever Kidsfest puppet show
2012 - The Doogles tibute to the Muppets, Oak Flats Public School 'lets be happy happy puppet show, Local Government Week Puppet Show, Talk Like A Pirate Day, Halloween with the Doogles & Christmas with the Doogles sing-a-long show.
2013 - Local Government Week Puppet Show - Spooky Halloween Show - Doogles Christmas Show.
2014 - Livin' the Dream Summer Concert Show - Library on the Lawn (special guests)- Kidsfest Puppet Show - Library PJ party - Guest speaker & performance for Figtree Women's View Club - Doogles Christmas Show.
2015 - Halloween Show - A Frozen Christmas Show


2000 - 2003

Children's Book Week with Shellharbour City Libraries

2004 - 2005 Summer Reading Club with Shellharbour City Libraries
2007 Communities for Children Project DVD launch
2006, 2008 - 2009 Stories & Puppets for Dads@play group

KIAMA LIBRARY The very first 'whatsit' puppet was created for Kiama Municipal Library. A 'Whatsit' puppet is a cute and cuddly professionally designed fluffy monster puppet perfect for libraries, schools or anyone in need of a cute and cuddly puppet that you can call your own. The Kiama community love their fuzzy library friend Dewey!

2010 THE DROPSTARS - talented author Henry Stock approached MJP to bring to life some of his Dropstar characters. For more information about The Dropstars check out their official website.



Home Video Productions (1991 onwards)

Tribute to the Muppet Show Episode 1 (1991) & Episode 2 (1992), Juppet Short Stories - Just Another Dream (1993/94), Space 99 (1994), JuppaVision Episodes 1-4 (1996), Juppets Mayhem Episodes 1 & 2 (1997) and The Doogles (Pilot Episode - 1999) - footage for this production still remains in the archives and was never compiled.

Music Videos - for Youtube Internet Love (2004), Don't sugar me (2007), Flying the flag (2007), Yo Yo (2008), For Good (2009), Telephone Boy (2010), How could you believe me (2011), My Man (2011) and Java (2012)

Please note that our puppets are created as a private recreational pursuit/hobby and not produced for mass production.